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​In our first few months of activity we raised 1100€, not a huge amount, but every little helps!  Most of the funds received went towards the sterilization of stray cats, but it also paid for the treatment of sick cats and only one dog......luckily Kythira does not have a stray dog problem!  

We had our first fundraising event in July 2022, which was organised by a local supporter and took place on one of Kythira's lovely beaches. Despite the adverse weather conditions, we were able to collect over 700€!

To those that attended, thank you for your support, and we hope to see you again this summer.  

At the end of 2022, we had our first meeting with the local municipality to discuss the issue of the islands stray cat population, and how best it can be managed in line with the Greek Animal Welfare Act (ARGOS).  As with most Greek islands, stray cats are a big problem, and the amount of time and money needed to keep some control of them is infinite.


Since February 2023, some of our volunteers have been supporting the local municipality in its efforts to care for Kythira's stray cats.  

To be continued..............................


Image by Milivoj Kuhar
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