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In 2022, the total number of stray cats sterilized (either spayed or neutered) was 220, at a cost of  12.169€, and was mostly funded by the municipality. In addition to the sterilizations, there were many cats that required medical attention, which were treated free of charge by Kythira's veterinarian, Katherine Stathatos, as there were not enough funds to cover these expenses.






Total Cats






Animal Aid Kythira

Private individuals

Cats on the Street



This years annual grant from the municipality will be in the region of 13.000€, but as can be seen from last years figures, it is nowhere near enough to make an impact on the stray cat population, which is why Kythira needs your help.

The first sterilizations of 2023 was a group of nine cats located in Kalokerines, for which we (A.A.K.) have covered the costs, together with a few other cats from different locations. 

The next group of cats we would like to be able to sterilize are located at the hospital in Aroniadika. We have been told there are approximately fifteen cats and all appear to be healthy, but for this we need your help! 

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The Flamingos

Ok, not a recent happening, but how could we not tell the story! 

In 2020 two very young flamingos came to Kythira on two separate occasions, both in search of fresh water, and in doing so became separated from their flocks. Unfortunately, they did not find the precious water they were looking for, and were forced to drink sea water, causing dehydration and injury to their vital organs.  The birds were caught and nursed back to full health by Kythira’s' only veterinary, Katerina Stathatos, no easy task when you do not have the required facilities!  It was only because of the time, effort and treatment given freely by Kythira's veterinarian, that both birds recovered and were eventually sent to the mainland for releasing back into the wild.

A happy ending for two very lucky birds, but unfortunately this is not always the outcome, due to the lack of dedicated facilities., as all animals share the same space!

2021 & 2022

Just some of the birds and animals rescued in 2021 & 2022.  Most were nursed back to health, without cost, by Kythira's veterinarian, and released back into their natural habitat



Kythira Hospital Cats - Sterilization 

There are at least fifteen cats in the grounds of Kythira's hospital that need to be vaccinated and sterilized, and we have limited funds. 

Can you help us?

Your donation, however small, is greatly appreciated, and can be made HERE.  

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